Motivate: Insight into Your Commissions

Sales people can track their compensation performance and commission payouts in easy-to-read dashboards.

Utilize all elements that motivate sales reps including cash rewards, competition, achievement and status…not just cash.

Easy integration with and other CRM systems, so reps can see what they can earn on opportunities.

Visibility into plans and quotas with modeling capabilities.

At Cascade Orthopedic, allowing salespeople to see quota attainment numbers each day “is measurably energizing their day-to-day selling efforts and spurring higher performance.”

Incent Right: Clear Understanding of Incentives

Automated incentive plans built on rules that you create.

Effective rewards align compensation with company goals.

Built-in best practices help incent for the right behavior.

Real-time insight into performance against goals.

Intelligent Incentives: Not Just Calculating Commissions

Easily add SPIFs in a few clicks to bolster sales performance.

Commission plans based on specific roles with the Express Plan Store.

Reward behavior as the market demands with flexible rules.

Pay your reps what makes sense with customized rules and tiers.