Save Time Calculate, validate and pay commissions in minutes, not weeks.

Easy import of compensation information from best in class applications like and QuickBooks.

Easy to use validation process to quickly insure accurate transactions before calculating commissions.

Calculate compensation payments with one click.

Export commission payments to payroll.

HealthTech Holdings used the extra man-hours to increase billing without increasing headcount. What will you do with the time you’ll save?

Automate Commissions, Reduce ErrorsEliminate costly mistakes caused by spreadsheets.

Import sales and financial data from business applications. No re-keying, reducing the opportunity for errors.

Up-to-date commission rules are easy to validate.

Auditable commissions process gives you control.

Real-Time Visibility Sales performance reports with instant, up-to-date information.

Xactly Express allowed us to run detailed, easy-to-read reports for each rep that are sent with their commission checks. The first time we used this process, not one rep called to question their commission. –Rhonda Metzler, Controller, PureSense

Express utilizes reporting capabilities of

Instant, real-time visibility with dashboards for executives, finance and sales. No more spending days programming spreadsheets.

Customizable to deliver the information that is most relevant by function.

Pre-built best practice reports by industry that can be customized.

Incentive Flexibility Sales compensation power spreadsheets can’t deliver.

Support multiple incentive plans by product, service or timeframe.

Define different quota rules for different reps driving the right behavior.

Use different payment structures based on company policies or goals.

Making changes to the compensation plan takes a few seconds and changes for all reps.