Gartner Report Places Xactly in “Leaders” Quadrant


Did you see that Gartner positioned us in the Leaders Quadrant in its new report, the Magic Quadrant for Sales Performance Management (SPM)*? It’s true! The technology research firm last week released its first “Magic Quadrant” report on SPM, and we landed in that nice upper right-hand quadrant. Analyst Patrick Stakenas looked at 10 companies for his report.

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Bridal consultant’s vow: No more indifferent bosses

bridal consultant helping bride-to-be
Motivating employees isn’t always about bonus checks or trips to the tropics. Sometimes, it’s the day-to-day gestures of appreciation (can we get a “thank you” over here?) that make the difference between workers who are engaged (no pun intended) and those who are ready to embrace the next handsome offer that comes along. 
Here’s publicist Paige McDaniel of Seattle, who worked – but not for long – for a bridal chain that just wasn’t that…

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Finally, We Got It Right

lightbulbs, one burning bright.

Troy Hazard is a professional speaker, author, and host of  “Gettin’ Down 2 Business” on YouTube. He has founded 11 businesses over two decades, and is a past global president of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Here is his story of incenting right – but only after getting it wrong.


It took me years of trial and error before I got a workable reward system…

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Take the Bonus and Run

rows of empty cubicles by Vasilyev/Shutterstock

We’ve all seen examples of unintended consequences, when situations run off the rails despite everyone’s good intentions. Imagine being the finance guy when sales reps are paid on the quantity – not quality – of contact activity, so they cash in for every last person they spammed on the Little League parent roster.

Motivational speaker and consultant Barry Maher has witnessed plenty of situations that didn’t turn out quite the…

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