Improving Sales Performance with Commission Software Solutions

Improving Sales Performance with Commission Software Solutions

Outdated sales performance management processes slow down organizations. That’s why proactive companies are now shutting down their spreadsheets and introducing commission software solutions to increase sales performance and deliver error-free reporting.

When sales teams use automated commission software they give reps real-time visibility into their performance. With the click of a button, reps can discover how deals in the pipeline will add value to their personal bottom line commission. Now leading sales organizations can boost the company’s bottom line figures with commission software that incentivizes desired performance.

Integrating automated commission software improves performance in other critical areas too. Instead of going through the arduous task of double and triple-checking commission figures on spreadsheets every month, the finance team can spend their time on more strategic activities. In fact, commission software helps your entire company be more strategic.

Automated commission software gives time back to your company and gives your reps the control to shape their own performance. The key is selecting the right commission software. Here are three common characteristics of leading class commission software tools:

1) Instant Visibility
Actionable metrics help both reps and sales management to make the best decisions at any point. Automated commission software that offers real-time visibility delivers superior results—from better forecasting and reporting capabilities to improved sales performance.

2) Fast Implementation
Short implementation and rapid adoption means less disruption in sales performance. Does the commission software solution you’re considering look and feel familiar and intuitive to sales teams? Does it integrate with other data sources? Can sales people immediately use the software to see their commission? Your answers to these questions will determine how successful your choice of commission software will be in the long run.

3) Simple Customization
The commission software you choose must be intuitive for users with even minimal software experience to rapidly create plans, calculate commissions, and export data. Your sales managers must also be able to customize the commission software to suit your company’s evolving sales model. That way they can better align their reps’ commission goals with organization-wide objectives over the short and long-term.
Ultimately, strong sales performance hinges on a company’s ability to empower reps and give them the visibility to outperform quota goals. Put the right commission software tools at your reps’ disposal, and you’re on your way to revenue.

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